René Dreyfuss – Master Horologist

Steeped in tradition, a Dreyfuss & Co timepiece is the legacy of René Dreyfuss, master horologist, who dedicated his entire life to perfecting the art of watch making.

The watchmaker's eye sees the world differently. A world of precision and passion.

  • Photo: La Chaux De Fonds
  • Photo: The 1890 collection
  • Photo: Janine Dreyfuss
  • Photo: The 1924 collection
  • Photo: Watch face
  • Photo: The 1925 collection
  • Photo: Swiss Alps
  • Photo: The 1946 collection
  • Photo: 'Neuchâteloises' clock
  • Photo: The 1953 collection
  • Photo: René Dreyfuss
  • Photo: The 1974 collection
  • Photo: Robert Dreyfuss
Photo: Robert Dreyfuss

Robert Dreyfuss launches the Dreyfuss & Co brand which is inspired by the legacy of his ancestor, René Dreyfuss.