Discover the enjoyment of owning a hand made, Swiss watch.

A Dreyfuss & Co timepiece is the result of generations of time spent hand crafting the art of watch making to perfection. A watch that says tradition with a subtle hint of contemporary design.

Hand Made in Switzerland

Watch making is an art, which, like all art, can not be hurried. Methodical and rigorous, the watch making process is measured and meticulous, for there is no margin for error.

The act of creation, by hand, ensures each watch is as individual as its creator and its owner.

Each Dreyfuss & Co timepiece is complemented and protected by a sumptuous, hand made presentation cabinet for you to enjoy in perpetuity.

Skills and techniques that have stood the test of time are handed down from generation to generation and closely guarded. Within the mountain enclaves watch making dynasties and doyens were created. René Dreyfuss, modest and unassuming, earned his place in the watch making history books.

Our passion for hand made, Swiss watches never stops and the commitment to making these beautifully timepieces is shown on the reverse of each case, where you'll find an individually numbered case back, unique to the watch wearer.

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Photo: The 1925 Rose Gold Compartment (DGS00031/21) Photo: Watch face Photo: Watchmaking