Dreyfuss & Co Watch Range Benefits

Our Dreyfuss & Co watches have been designed and assembled by hand to create a beautiful range of watches which will stand the test of time. Read more about what makes Dreyfuss & Co Swiss made watches so special below.

Hand Made in Switzerland

Each individually numbered Dreyfuss & Co watch has been hand made to ensure the perfect standards of the Dreyfuss & Co family is met. Our aim is to provide you with a hand made, Swiss watch that will last for generations and a treasured family object that can be passed on with your own story to tell. Every ounce of our passion is poured into our watches so that you can rest assured your timepiece will keep ticking with Swiss reliability and accuracy for years to come.

The watchmaker's eye sees the world differently. A world of precision and passion. Time stands still as the creation unfolds. Switzerland is the heart and the pulse of such unique skills. Tranquil, peaceful and timeless – the landscape maketh the man.

The hand made process is a long and complex one. From the moment it is created, each stunning watch has its own unique story to tell. Inspired by the past, each piece has been subtly updated to fuse contemporary classic styling with traditional craftsmanship.

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Seafarer Waterproof

Dreyfuss & Co watches proudly feature our Seafarer, impervious to water, totally waterproof (except Gold) stamp. The Seafarer stamp gives you the reassurance that you can enjoy all your water sports, from swimming and diving, to wind surfing and waterskiing, without fear of damaging your watch.

Avoiding the confusion surrounding waterproof depths, our watches are suitable for all watersports and our Seafarer guarantee is the ultimate protection of your investment in a Dreyfuss & Co timepiece.

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Classic Inspired Watch Design

Steeped in tradition, a Dreyfuss & Co timepiece is the legacy of René Dreyfuss, master horologist, who dedicated his entire life to perfecting the art of watch making.

Watch making is an art, which, like all art, can not be hurried. Methodical and rigorous, the watch making process is measured and meticulous, for there is no margin for error.

From early examples of the Art Deco era to key points in the history of Swiss watchmaking, The Dreyfuss & Co range has designs to suit all tastes and styles to accompany all occassions.

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The Dreyfuss & Co Heritage

René Dreyfuss had a passion for watchmaking from a very early age. Born in to a family of Swiss watchmakers, he spent his years investing time, effort and patience in bringing his watch ideas to life for a whole world to enjoy.

Following in his father's footsteps, René created the Dreyfuss Fils watch company - establishing his reputation for quality, reliability and beautifully classic design.

Dreyfuss & Co's motto 'On se souvient de la tradition bien après avoir oublié le prix' or, 'tradition is remembered long after price is forgotten' is still our motto today.

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Watch Servicing Uncompromised

With the volume of moving mechanics within a watch and the rigours they go through in daily use on your wrist, it's important to ensure that a watch is regularly serviced.

Our priority is to minimise the time that you're without your watch, whilst taking the utmost care in servicing and calibrating in our 24 hour period of bench testing.

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Finest Specification

Only the best parts of our are watchmaking expertise go into making each and every Dreyfuss & Co timepiece.

Whether it's our high quality Sapphire glass, which offers amazing clarity and strength or our innovative brushed steel finish, featured in our 1953 sports family, you can be safe in the knowledge that your watch has been assembled with the finest traditions and latest technologies.

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Photo: Watchmaker Photo: Yacht Diagram: Watch design Photo: René Dreyfuss Photo: 7 day repair promise Photo: The 1953 Sporty brushed steel (DGB00032/04)